FOUND Bilbo/Thorin shield brothers who die and go back in time
I read this fic a while ago and now I can't seem to find it.

The story is about Thorin and Bilbo who fall in battle. (The fellowship failed and erebor is the last stronghold) Dwalin, Bilbo, and Thorin are all Shield Brothers.

After Bilbo is killed he wakes up in the past before Gandalf shows up. Thorin wakes up in the past as well and tries (and fails) to play it cool.

I belive it was on ao3. Thank you!

Fili and Kili Run away from Erebor
Bilbo and Thorin
After BOFA Bilbo goes home and some time later Fili and Kili show up. Both are physically injured and have PTSD and can't function as 'Princes'. Bilbo tells them they can stay but they have to write their mother. They don't and Dis shows up looking for information on where her boys are.


FOUND One shot thilbo - Erebor never fell

What I remember of the fic is that it was a long one shot where Bilbo found a kidnapped kid/baby Kili and Fili on his way back to Bag End he takes care of them and plans to take them back to Erebor. He calls on his Ranger friends and they start the journey. They find the kidnappers and the kidnapped baby Elves along the way and rescue them. Then they drop off the elves kids as they traven to Rivendell and Greenwood. Then they go to Erebor. Later Bilbo takes an arrow that was meant for Thorin while they are in Dale.

Ends with Thilbo feels. I want to read this fic again really bad bit cant seem to find it. Help please?

Arranged Relationship Misunderstanding Fic?
Ok I don't remember much about this fic but I really want to re-read it. It was a AU fic where for some reason. Fili Kili and i believe Thorin were sent to stay with Bilbo at the Shire. One of them was supposed to marry Bilbo but he didn't know that. They thought Bilbo was evil and would try to sleep with one of them so they were always wary of him and Bilbo didn't understand why they were so jumpy around him. It finally comes out they think he's gonna use one of them for sex and Bilbo get's really upset and wonders what he did that would make them think he'd do something like that. They feel really bad afterwards.

I think it ended up Bilbo/Thorin and maybe Fili/Kili

travelling forward in time?
Hi! I'm looking for fics where the characters from the Hobbit travel forward in time and meet the Fellowship. I'd prefer it if there weren't any pairings.


Post BOTFA Fix-it
A fic where dwarves may be returned to life after laying in the tomb of stone (for maybe a year?). The Company waits to see if Thorin, Fili, and Kili will be given another chance at life. I think Bilbo did not know.

EDIT: Still lost.

More detail: The one I'm looking for had Thorin waking up in Erebor after being dead. It was a dwarf thing that they could be returned to life (with the blessing of Mahal or something like that).

LF post-BOFA fics where Bilbo returns to the Shire a changed hobbit
Like, changed to the extreme. Maybe he's taken on Dwarvish mannerisms/speech patterns, or he suddenly finds himself unable to tolerate his relatives the way he did before, or he's more outspoken, or restless, etc. Basically, fics where he just can't fit in anymore and ends up leaving the Shire and returning to Erebor because of it.

Both gen and ship fics are welcome. Thanks in advance. 

Soulmate fic Bilbo understands Khuzdul
I don't remember much from this fic except that Thorin and someone else are always talking about Bilbo when he's nearby and Bilbo thinks it's rude and then he finally says something and the company realizes he can understand Khuzdul. It has something to do with him being Thorins One or his soulmate I think.

Fili and Kili molest Bilbo's ears
God what a horrible title. Ok. Bilbo's hair is getting long and Kili and Fili offer to braid it to get it out of his eyes. During the braiding, they realize how sensitive Bilbo's ears are and think it's hilarious to hold him still and rub his ears. Kili even bites him at one point. Bilbo's screams bring the rest of the company and Gandalf tells them how such actions are usually a prelude to rape. Thorin makes the brothers crawl to Bilbo to apologize. Please please help??

LF Bilbo/Thorin Fem!Bilbo AU Incarnation of Yavanna and Mahal
death star canteen
It is an AU where Bilbo and Thorin are incarnations of Yavanna and Mahal. Bilbo is female. They find each other and are married before the Quest. The Company is very surprised by her. She creates arrows and has nature based powers I think. There are other Darrow how threaten/try to kill her or Thorin. One of them wants Thorin to marry his dheltered daughter. This is what I remember. Thanks for any help!


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