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"Mad Baggins": The Dwarves Visit Bilbo in the Shire (And don't like what they find)
sparxthedragon wrote in hobbitficfind
Alright, so I'm very much hoping someone here can help, because I only vaguely remember this story, but I'd very much like to read it again. What I remember of the plot was that, for some reason (it might have been just a visit, but it could've been something more) the dwarves (possibly all of them, possibly just a few) decide to go to the Shire and visit Bilbo. This is after the events of the book/movie, though I don't remember if it was an "everybody lives" AU or not. When the dwarves arrive, they knock on the door, and Bilbo answers. However, he doesn't look quite the same as they remember him, and his house is still a wreck as it was left. Turns out he's been ostracized by the Shire, as "Mad Baggins"- I remember Bilbo tries to offer the dwarves food, but he has hardly anything to offer because the other hobbits refused to sell him things at the market, or maybe he just doesn't want to go deal with it anymore. Maybe both. Being called mad was kind of a big part of what was wrong with Bilbo- I remember one of the dwarves told him he was acting mad or something, and it kind of seemed to break Bilbo- he said something along the lines of "You called me mad" or "You said mad".

As I'm writing this, I'm starting to feel like this might have been an everyone lives AU? I think Bilbo thought he was banished, and the dwarves essentially planned to kidnap him back to Erebor for his health- at least, I'm fairly sure that's what happened anyway, that they intended to take him back to Erebor. It might've started as them wanting to ask him to visit, then they changed plans after they saw the way Bilbo was being treated in the Shire.

When a dwarf called him mad, I think Bilbo might've been hiding under a table to avoid being grabbed by the dwarves.

That's the most of what I can remember. I'm pretty sure it was on AO3, but I've been wrong before. Again, I'd be infinitely grateful for help finding this fic!

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I think I know that one, I want to say it was called Burdened? I read it on ao3. When the dwarves realize how poorly Bilbo is, they basically kidnap him and take him back to Erebor to recover, but Bilbo thinks he's going to be punished.

I think this is the one Anonymous is talking about

Burdened by murpymurpwriter
Thinking himself unwanted and traitorous Bilbo, decides to leave quietly, without saying goodbye to the hurt but alive company. They, especially Thorin, are heartbroken and confused but when they discover the reason Bilbo left, they decide to bring him back to Erebor, no matter what. Kidnapping HKM Prompt

Ah- that's exactly it! Thank you both so very much!!

I love when Anons post about things, "Hey, I want to read that too!", and someone's already found it. *happydance*

Happy to help :)

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