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LF Bilbo/Thorin Secret Relationship Fic(s)... Pre-The Hobbit
evangeline99 wrote in hobbitficfind
I am looking for a fic where Bilbo finds Thorin in a ditch near the shire, Thorin is sick and passed out, this is when he is still living in the Blue Mountains and looking for work. Bilbo nurses him back to health and gets work for him all around the shire. I think they may be secretly in a relationship or married but Thorin still has to leave to take his wages back to his family (Dis and Fili/Kili) in the Blue Mountains.
When it is Fili/Kili's turn to go out looking for work Thorin points them in the direction of the shire and Bilbo and at some point I think they call Bilbo "Auntie" or something.

This may be the same fic or it may be another one, I seem to remember at the beginning of The Hobbit when all the dwarves show up to Bilbo's place, they are treated more hospitably than they expect and it comes out that Bilbo and Thorin are secretly married. Although I may be confusing this story with several others.

Anyways, any help finding either of these stories (or even any story where Bilbo and Thorin are secretly in a relationship and it is revealed to the dwarves) would really be a big help.


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The first one is The Last Homely Hole by ClassicalTorture

Edited at 2017-01-10 08:42 pm (UTC)

The Last Homely Hole by ClassicalTorture

That is definitely the first one I was looking for... and I enjoyed reading it again so much, so thank you for your help in finding it again!
Much appreciated!!

I'm not positive but I think you might be thinking of Epic by bubbysbub ?

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