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Soulmate fic Bilbo understands Khuzdul
hildringer wrote in hobbitficfind
I don't remember much from this fic except that Thorin and someone else are always talking about Bilbo when he's nearby and Bilbo thinks it's rude and then he finally says something and the company realizes he can understand Khuzdul. It has something to do with him being Thorins One or his soulmate I think.

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Is it Khuzdul

If it's not then I wish you luck and post a link here so I could read it too ♡♡♡

That wasn't the one but it was a very nice fic. In the one im thinking of I remember thorin is riding ahead and discussing bilbo with another dwarf in khuzdul. Bilbo can not only hear what they are saying but he understands it. When he speaks up they realize that he is Thorins one.

I am very sure that the fic you are looking for is The Sound Of The Deep Ground but it's not complete though. I'm afraid the author has abandon it T_T

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