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Arranged Relationship Misunderstanding Fic?
crypticshadow8 wrote in hobbitficfind
Ok I don't remember much about this fic but I really want to re-read it. It was a AU fic where for some reason. Fili Kili and i believe Thorin were sent to stay with Bilbo at the Shire. One of them was supposed to marry Bilbo but he didn't know that. They thought Bilbo was evil and would try to sleep with one of them so they were always wary of him and Bilbo didn't understand why they were so jumpy around him. It finally comes out they think he's gonna use one of them for sex and Bilbo get's really upset and wonders what he did that would make them think he'd do something like that. They feel really bad afterwards.

I think it ended up Bilbo/Thorin and maybe Fili/Kili

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Wow that was super fast! Thank you! Can't believe I din't realize that was the story since I'm still following that series... lol

Heh. All I could remember was the first two words in the name. *grin*

I love the story, even though the author mixes up 'emphatic' with 'empathic', something that never fails to make me giggle internally.

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