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LF Bilbo/Thorin Fem!Bilbo AU Incarnation of Yavanna and Mahal
death star canteen
fearlesssisters wrote in hobbitficfind
It is an AU where Bilbo and Thorin are incarnations of Yavanna and Mahal. Bilbo is female. They find each other and are married before the Quest. The Company is very surprised by her. She creates arrows and has nature based powers I think. There are other Darrow how threaten/try to kill her or Thorin. One of them wants Thorin to marry his dheltered daughter. This is what I remember. Thanks for any help!

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I think you are referring to Keira Marcos's Evil Author Day's preview of Spirit Born. I don't know if you have access to her livejournal account because the story is friend-locked.

That's it!!! Thanks so much! I thought it was one of hers but didn't check EAD.

Can I get a link to that? Eve time I try it says the page is purged.

Yeah. She moved her account over to Dreamwidth since LiveJournal announced the new ToS. She is here

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