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FOUND One shot thilbo - Erebor never fell
fangirlkitten wrote in hobbitficfind

What I remember of the fic is that it was a long one shot where Bilbo found a kidnapped kid/baby Kili and Fili on his way back to Bag End he takes care of them and plans to take them back to Erebor. He calls on his Ranger friends and they start the journey. They find the kidnappers and the kidnapped baby Elves along the way and rescue them. Then they drop off the elves kids as they traven to Rivendell and Greenwood. Then they go to Erebor. Later Bilbo takes an arrow that was meant for Thorin while they are in Dale.

Ends with Thilbo feels. I want to read this fic again really bad bit cant seem to find it. Help please?

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Yes! Thanks so much. Time to read me a fic.

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